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As friends back in high school... Steve & Connie spent lots of time
hanging out, sneaking into town at lunch... and flipping each other a LOT
of crap. Steve tormenting her endlessly about her Duran Duran and Tacoma
Stars obsessions... Connie repeatedly insisting that he was an obnoxious jerk
lacking culture... For some reason, over 20 somethin' years later... she married him.

Their kids all have 4 paws... three pugs, three guinea pigs and a leopard gecko. In addition to being avid animal lovers, they are self-admitted techie geeks and enjoy working in graphic arts. They also have a passion for classic cars, antiques, and vintage architecture with a great appreciation for a time long gone by...

Steve & Connie Pejka reside in the historic Illiahee area of Kitsap County near Seattle, Washington. Both living there most of their lives... they've learned to appreciate the infamous rainy season for the picture postcard eye candy it provides the rest of the year.